Jenny the Princess

Read to the end…

Jenny the Princess was walking through the woods one day when she heard a sad song coming from behind an old oak tree. Curious, she went to investigate and found a lonely brown frog crying to himself.

“What’s wrong Mr. Frog?” Asked Jenny remembering her manners.

“None of the other frogs want to be my friend,” the frog said as he moped. He blew his nose on a leaf and continued: “they make fun of me for being brown because they’re all green. They say I’m different.”

“But brown is such a lovely colour,” said Jenny. “And besides, being different is a good thing. It makes you stand out. I certainly would not have found you in all of the grass if you were green.”

“Thank you m’lady,” said the frog. He sat up, smiled and snatched a passing fly out of the air with his tongue. This made Jenny giggle.

Jenny and the frog soon became best friends and played together all afternoon. They swam in the lake and Jenny fished in the creek while the frog hunted dragonflies. The two friends pretended they were knights on a grand quest and in their fantasies they tamed the fire-breathing dragon who lives in the cave.

Then, when Jenny’s father, the king, and mother, the queen, called her in for supper Jenny asked if the frog could come to.

“No Jenny. He is a frog and brown is the colour of mud,” said the king.

“That’s no fair daddy,” complained Jenny. “My hair is yellow and yellow is the colour of straw. Straw isn’t any better than mud.”

The king marveled at the wisdom of his young daughter and decided that she would make a fine queen one day. He also decided that the frog could join the royal family for dinner. They had a great feast of pumpkins and pies and the frog aet beetles and flies.

That night, Jenny and the frog promised to be best friends forever and to play with each other every day and everybody learned that brown was not such a bad colour after all.

The End


Outside in the hall Doctor Emmet Jackson lamented when he realized his patient was regressing. He was sure the latest batch of medication would have succeeded where therapy had failed but, all evidence was apparently to the contrary. Had it been a child then these delusions would have been no more than imaginary friends and the results of an overactive imagination. But this was no child. This was Petyr Hansley, star rookie quarterback of the New York Giants.

‘The terrors that stress of that kind will force on a man,’ thought the doctor. It was well known that the Giants’ coaching staff had put a ton of pressure on the young man’s shoulders but this level of mental breakdown was one that Emmet had never seen before, and he was extremely ashamed to find that he could do nothing to help the former football player.

Doctor Emmet Jackson drank himself to sleep that night.

Jenny the Princess slept soundly after being read to by her father, the King.

Petyr Hansley required heavy medication to put him to sleep.

And the frog lived happily ever after.


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