Where does the time go?

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about this site. It’s just that Engineering is very time demanding and I am slightly obsessive-compulsive so when I do have time, I find myself editing three times as much as I do typing. But, I am almost finished and here’s a sneak peak of what will be the next post (and also the longest story I have ever written to date):

(also, what you see here may not appear exactly as is in the final version)

The woman was brave. Stupid maybe, likely blinded by anger, certainly dangerous, but undeniably brave. Gideon could not contain his surprise when his lieutenants told him in the middle of the night that he had a visitor. He was even more surprised when he saw who his visitor was. He would have sworn the world was ending a second time when she did not immediately lunge at his throat or pull out a concealed pistol.

Instead she looked him straight in the eye with a gaze like cold steel.

He looked back trying to mimic her stare and came up a little short. Not a good start, he thought.

“Help me,” she said.


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