Pushed, Fallen and Leaping

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever been pushed? Undoubtedly so. I have. Despite your best efforts someone or something snuck up behind you, overwhelmed your ability to guard yourself and gave you a shove in one direction or another. And afterwards I’m betting you hunched yourself even tighter and shifted your center so that it would never happen again. I’m betting that didn’t work though. I’m betting you got pushed again. And I’m betting that you either accepted their control over you or pushed back refusing to be moved.

Have you ever fallen? Of course you have. We all do, it is inevitable. We trip, we stumble, we make mistakes. But let me ask you something else, have you ever allowed yourself to fall? Have you ever let yourself go, embraced uncertainty, given yourself over to forces you do not completely understand and simply let the world move about you?

But have you ever leapt? Have you ever made the decision, on your own, without any poking or prodding, to move farther than you thought possible before, to bridge some gap with your body or mind by pushing yourself off the ground and hoping that you had enough strength to carry yourself, fighting against those unknown forces and choosing your landing place rather than simply accepting it?

Leaping takes the courage to not just abandon yourself to fate, but to be bold enough to dare to challenge it. Leaping requires the foresight to see a better plot of land to stand on. And leaping requires the ability to promise yourself that where you are going is better than where you were. Leaping requires the understanding that after the first decisive push there is nothing you can do to change your direction.

And leaping makes you want to leap again.

Have you ever leapt?

I hope you have and if not then I hope you do one day.


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