It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten you. I don’t know when I will next be ale to publish a short story, script or poem as exams are going to be starting soon, but expect a lot of rants as I blow off steam.

I should be working on a math quiz right now but I am a little distracted. And that’s okay.

Life is full of little things that catch our attention away from that which we should be focusing on. A walk through the park to get to class can take you on a tangential adventure that you would have never seen coming. A chance encounter will take you to place you’ve never thought of before and sometimes something right in front of you, when viewed from another angle will send your mind down a path that seems endless.

The distractions that obscure our mind should never be pushed aside just as they should never be left alone to blind us. Distractions of the mind are those that should first and foremost be monitored, cultivated and when necessary left alone so that they can breed and bring about new experiences. For it is the distractions that keep us from settling into routines; it is distractions that allow us to discover.

To be distracted is a human trait born from our innate inquisition into the world around us. The ability to have your mind wander from the task at hand or to feel a compulsion to tread down a newly noticed path has led humanity to some of its greatest triumphs. Distractions have produced great works of art, great thoughts and led to great deeds. They should never be ignored when there is opportunity in them to bring about personal or societal growth.

I mean sure, I would much rather spend an hour writing than trying to figure out Riemann Sums, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t potential for an exciting journey here.

Anyway, back to work. Talk to you later internet.


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