Some thoughts on the internet

Right now I should be studying but it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything I felt like sharing. Bear with me as this is more a stream-of-consciousness rant than anything with some pre-planning. Please forgive the terrible spelling and poor grammar.

The internet. I love it and yet sometimes I wish it didn’t exist at all. The internet has brought the world closer together than since we all more or less shared some cave floor thousands of years ago. And it allows millions who previously did not have a voice to share their thoughts and opinions on important and trivial matters (like I am doing right now). But the problem with the internet is that often I find the ideas being shared on it not worth the energy used to sustain them on a mainframe somewhere. To put that in better terms, there are a lot of shitty posts out there, a lot of shitty videos and too many status updates that don’t actually update a person’s status.

My main problem with the internet is that to find something worthwhile that has been uploaded, be it a short story, video, or twitter post (I don’t have twitter, just an example), one has to first sort through near-endless pages of disappointing crap. We end up spending our time looking for something worth our time rather than using our time to create something worth the minutes and hours of other people. I’m not saying that the internet wastes human potential or that nothing should bee posted, what I am saying, to anybody who has ever updated their status for the sake of updating their status, or who has ever sat in front of their screen for far too long trying to get a gif image to loop just right, what I am saying is that maybe we should use our free time to make something that we can be truly proud of.

In fact, my call for the world is to use your skills to make something that will make you immortal in real life, not just just something that will make you internet-famous for five minutes.


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