Tired Words Pt. 3

I am becoming increasingly convinced that my router and printer have been conspiring against me from the beginning of the first semester. I can see no other reason to explain how they can both be functioning properly and then, sometimes in unison and sometimes right after reinstalling the other, they can cease to function properly or at all. Also, I can think of nothing more infuriating than to see that I am connected to my network but have no internet access despite everything working great just a few hours earlier. Actually, that was a lie. The only thing more infuriating is when my printer tell me it is offline despite being ON, CONNECTED DIRECTLY TO MY LAPTOP and DISCOVERABLE.

Also, there’s something my university uses called the Cisco NAC agent.

Here’s an open letter to this worthless piece of programming.

Dear Cisco NAC Agent,

I hate you. I hate you so very much. For a full semester you denied me full access to my university’s wifi just because my copy of windows was less than legitimate. But now that I have a legit copy of windows you still deny me access just because I’m missing one upgrade which could only be a few hours old? Or doesn’t exist? I HAVE MANDATORY UPGRADE CHECKING! STOP SAYING I DON’T!


The webmaster (and probably a bunch more very upset people)

Oh, and completely unrelated: I’m just about finished that thing that I‘ve been working on since September. Remember that? I don’t remember what snippet I put on here but it’s good. Not the one about Lazarus, the other one. Before that.

And midterms. Holy crap. Midterms. I don’t think I’m getting much sleep this week. Or for the next month. You know what? I’ll sleep when I go home for summer. I’ll sleep for a week then.

I don’t remember how I usually end these as I’m kinda loopy right now and can’t check the actual halfwayinsane page and also don’t any of these rants saved on my laptop but I’m just gonna finish this one by saying goodnight.


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