Personal Fictions

As an amateur writer with a romantic heart and a love of storytelling I have noticed a mental flaw of mine that can be rather bothersome. I find that too often I lose myself in fantasies created from my reality rather than trying to experience my reality as is. I also find myself assigning meaning to things which are meaningless or making connections where there are none. Often I find it necessary to remind myself that a look may just be a glance, a hug is simply a friendly gesture or that a coincidence is simply a coincidence.

It can be difficult to forcefully eject yourself from a fantasy. We all wish our lives were more interesting than they really are and we all imagine ourselves as more attractive, smarter and more important than we really are but the bigger picture shows that we are merely specks, insignificant compared to the greater whole. Personally, I find myself having to remember this on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. I am considering having a plaque made.

However, the fantastic life that we can imagine having is not a bad thing, far from it in fact. The fantastic life we imagine for ourselves is literally the stuff of dreams. It is what drives us to invent and create and draw and live and love. If Michael Jordan never entertained the fantasy of being the greatest to play the game then he would have never become the greatest to play the game. In other words, to become a legend is to embrace your personal fiction; it is to live your dreams. Just do not get lost in the story you are writing of your life otherwise you will forget to live it.


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