‘Twas the Night Before the Final

I got this idea as I was trying to sleep and it actually made me upset because I knew my options were write it down immediately or forget it in the morning. Unfortunately it is based on a true story (I have a final exam tomorrow morning). Oh well…

‘Twas the night before the final and all throughout Thorn,

Every engineer was buzzing, especially Norm.

He had drank by himself twelve Monsters that week,

And every inch of his body was beginning to tweak.

We students were holed up in study rooms,

Fearing that dawn would come much to soon.

We scrawled in notebooks and longed for our beds,

As images of iron rings danced in our heads.

When suddenly, into the room with a bang,

Were three of our fellows who cried as they sang:

“Passing tomorrow requires too much damn luck!

Help us St. Ferdinand, without you we’re fucked!”

On their breath and clothes was the smell of many beers,

Clearly our friends had succumbed to their fears.

But lo, did we ever set them straight that night

And before the sunrise, fifty-fives were in sight.

We practiced dynamics, fluids and gears,

We met ever more problems with ever more prayers.

There was calculus, chemistry, mechanics galore

And fluids, systems and circuits (Hey! Don’t get bored).

Not an inch of whiteboard was spared at all,

To every problem we proudly stood tall.

Faster and faster the hours did pass,

Till the time was up and we sauntered into the class.

And wrote and wrote and cried and shook,

And tried to remember what we had seen in that book.

Then it was over and we knew in our hearts

That our best was done (and it made us look smart).

So weary student, shed not a tear,

Just remember the tale of us poor engineers.


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