Random Image Exercise 1

This was an exercise to develop my writing skills. Basically,  I went to a random image generator, took the first five pictures I found and set myself the task of writing a cohesive five-paragraph story in under two hours which related each picture together. I hope to do this at least once a week (or at least weeks where I have no ideas and hopefully there will eventually be a positive trend in quality.

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Jessica held her hand perfectly still as the dragonfly tiptoed across her fingers. A breeze rolled over the hills and through her hair. The dragonfly rustled its wings but otherwise appeared undisturbed. It crawled across her fingertips, tickling her with every step. When she exhaled she was careful to do so as gently as possible lest she scare away her guest. A minute passed, then two, then ten. The insect turned to face her, its bulbous eyes looked into her intense emerald ones. Then, with a bob of its head as if to say thank you the dragonfly took off and rejoined its brethren in the distant meadow. Jessica stood from where she sat and walked over to join the master who was leaning on the bridge. Leaning beside him was a long, tied and bundled object. Jessica hesitated.

“Come child, it is time,” the Master said softly. Steeling herself against her nerves Jessica walked forward with long graceful strides which hid her apprehension. This was a moment which the past three years had been building to and she could barely believe it had finally arrived. The endless, grueling training would finally pay off. The Master picked up the bundle and presented it to as she got nearer.

“You have earned this. I am proud of you. Do not waste it”. Jessica took the bundle with her right hand (the tickle from the dragonfly was still on her fingertips) and lifted it from the Master’s outstretched palms. As she did so the old man vanished. Jessica allowed herself a rare smile; soon her destiny would be fulfilled. But first, the climb.

The mountain would be her penultimate challenge and rightly so. Many an adventurer had attempted to scale it and many had failed. To look at it from afar was to look at as much of nature’s beauty as one could comprehend at a time. But this beauty covered up nature’s treachery; hidden by it were false footholds, paths unsafe for mountain goats, unstable cliffs and falls upon rocks sharp enough to cleave muscle from bone. Jessica took a moment to size up her task then rubbed her palms together and began. The beginning left her legs burning. Each step required even more careful footing and each turn potentially led to a dead end. Jessica had to be as sure of the path ahead of her as she was of herself. The middle of the climb left her arms burning as she was forced to scale the virtually sheer mountainside. The end of the climb left her lungs burning as the air thinned around her. But Jessica continued. Her destiny was at hand, there was but one more challenge.

The beast had been waiting at the summit for a thousand years. It watched Jessica with hungry eyes as she made the last steps to the top, sweating and breathing hard. It waited a little longer as she undid the bundle to reveal the ancient, gilded sword which bore the beast’s name. The beast breathed hard with anticipation. It had spent so long waiting for this day, waiting for the day when it would fulfill its long-ago set purpose. It had spent so long waiting for the sword and for the adventurer who wielded it, the person it was created to destroy. Jessica and the beast faced each other. She held the sword in front of her, it pawed at the ground. Then it pounced and Jessica, with one movement, graceful as always, plunged the blade deep into the beast’s skull. It slid across the ground and died and Jessica let a moment pass in reverence for the aged creature. She then turned to the boulder which the monster had been guarding. With all of her strength she pushed the stone away and let it roll down the mountainside. Her goal was what lay beneath. The final challenge had been defeated and her destiny was at hand. Jessica looked at what was beneath the stone not sure what to expect to find there. All she saw was dirt.


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