What is writing ‘success’?

To me success is when I am able to put the ideas in my head into a written form that I am pleased with. Double that feeling if the versiin of these thoughts I write down is something I think is worth sharing with on this blog. Triple it if other people think it is worth sharing even further.

Ultimately I hope to one day be successful as an author but before I do that I suppose I should be excellent as one. To quote from a fantastic film:

“Pursue excellence and success will follow” – Three Idiots (Hirani, 2009)

Lynette Noni

I was discussing the definition of ‘writing success’ with my best friend, Jodie, the other day and we found it to be an interesting topic. Even just the term ‘success’ is subjective – what I consider success to be isn’t necessarily what you consider it to be. And especially when it comes to writing – there are just so many possibilities! Here are just a few of them:

  • You’re ‘successful’ when you’ve completed a manuscript and typed those beautiful final words: ‘The End’…
  • You’re ‘successful’ when your critique partners get back to you and wax poetic about how wonderful your story is…
  • You’re ‘successful’ when your concept is so unique that your query letter gains a heap of attention – especially by your ‘favourite’ literary agents…
  • You’re ‘successful’ when you’re offered representation by an agent – because that means someone believes in you as an author…
  • You’re ‘successful’ when you get…

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