I’ve been away…

This is a message to anyone checking up on this blog after my three (?) month hiatus and more specifically a message to anyone who cares.

Clearly I need to start writing again.

It’s hard to describe how overwhelmed I have felt lately and it’s even harder to explain why. The only significant change since the semester began (besides the semester beginning) has been a lack of written work from me. I have been focused on my classes and a club which I am a part of but I have neglected a significant portion of who I am and I feel that my psyche has suffered as a result.

I am a storyteller at heart and I have not been telling stories. And this has hurt me.

For the past few weeks I have not felt exceptionally passionate about my studies, my friends, my family nor my health. In other words I have found it difficult to give a single fuck about anything or anyone.

I do not think that by beginning to write again I will solve this but I am hoping that I can fill some part of the hole that has opened up in my heart and through the words I may figure out the other missing pieces.


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