Spraypaint Streetart

I LOVE these videos. Whenever one of them shows up in my newsfeed I feel compelled to watch through to the end. And I am always impressed. But I’ve noticed that I always have the same reactions too which can be broken into the same stages.

Stage 1: What is this?

Okay, so we’ve got a street vendor and a canvas with some spraypaint. Wait, is he just spraying the board in one colour? Two? He’s just putting down lines. People pay for this? Okay so now there’s a lid on it. Still looks like a bunch of random lines. With a lid.

Stage 2: Kinda impressed

Okay, I can kinda see a pattern developing. What variation on the space epic setting are you doing? Gonna throw in some planets I guess? Some stars? Laaaaame.

Stage 3: WHOA (Number 1)

You just lifted those lids and changed my world. How did random spraypaint become something so beautiful? So majestic? I want to go play Mass Effect now. Or watch Star Trek. Or stargaze Or do some other space related thing…

Stage 4: What the hell are you doing?!

NOOO. Why would you spray a bunch of black paint over it? It was perfect! Now there’s just a random black streak at the bottom. You fool! And now you’re carving into the wet paint. Do you want to ruin your masterpiece? Please step away from the canvas, clearly you wold not know good art if it struck you in the face.

Stage 5: WHOA (Number 2)

I’m sorry I ever doubted you. There is a futuristic landscape in front that I could barely even begin to imagine when you began. Complete with a statue of the space opera’s hero and a galactic bridge and… I think I need to go outside. this is too much.

Maybe just one more video…

I first came across this style of art maybe ten years ago and I have been captivated ever since. I’ve never found the original in real life and I’ve never met one of these artists in real life but if you ever do, please stop and watch them work for a while. You will not be disappointed.


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