Why does the Dinosaur Run?

The internet went out on campus and I was pretty bored. Enjoy!

The desert was not for the weak. Little grew out here except for cacti and dust but still Danny survived. Here he was the master, the biggest, the strongest, and the most fearsome. A tyrannical lizard king who reigned over all he saw.

But Danny was a mere dinosaur, powerless against the forces of heaven and when the asteroid struck with a flash and a roar unlike any he had ever heard, Danny trembled and he ran.

Behind him the world vanished. His kingdom crumbled and burned as the asteroid sent forth a wave of destruction so hot it turned the desert sands to glass.

Danny ran and ran and ran thinking that he could run forever. Why not? He had been a king, untouchable, feared, mighty. A mere asteroid could not stop him. He would emerge from the ashes of this destruction and begin his reign again. Danny ran, full as he was of hubris. He ran right into his own extinction.Chrome DinosaurStupid cactus….


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