Tired Words Pt. 5 – The Return

I should go to sleep. Really. I have no reason to be up right now at 4:37. I actually have a lot I want to accomplish tomorrow. And my bed is so comfortable. I should go to sleep. But the screen is calling to me. My earphones are in. There is an entire internet to explore – worlds upon worlds within worlds of content and information. At times like this, be it the still dead of the night or the first stirrings of dawn I find myself the most alert and the most determined to tackle the behemoth which we as a species have created.

But then again. I can sleep and thus dream and thus create worlds and universes that the internet in all of its shared madness and creative mania could never even conceive of. The worlds which I could dream up tonight would be forever more fantastic than the any I would find browsing reddit or exploring the weird part of youtube. Nothing I could stumble upon on the net would even compare to the treasures I could find hidden away in the recesses of my mind.

But likewise, the horrors which lurk there are infinitely more terrifying than any which society has created. They are personal, molded by my own failings, twisted by my own history, fed by my own fears.

But I want to sleep. I should not worry about those monsters. i suppose they cannot hurt me. They would have already if they could.

Or maybe I just haven’t found them yet. Maybe I haven’t dreamt of them yet.

I should definitely go to sleep. It’s 4:37. I’m pretty tired.


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