Photo by Luanne Glenville

Photo by Luanne Glenville

Child’s canvas by cloud and warzone by storm,
Eve’s celestial soup and golden glory by morn,
Face of god; eyes of moon and sun
A domed double of Gaia’s motions.

Dark then light and day then night
Hour by minute by second a sight
Of heaven’s reassurance that ever despite
Darkness oncoming is a future so bright.


A Youthful Prayer

May I be greater than my burdens,

May I know my demons and cast them aside,

Recognize my angels and draw them closer to me,

May I find the correct path amongst the dead ends and detours,

And may I discover the true keys amongst the false ones.

May I keep my promises and have promises kept for me,

Pay my debts and have my debts repaid,

May I live with honour and bring honour upon those I deal with

And may I teach and be taught with unchecked wisdom, knowledge and patience.

May my rivals bring me challenges,

And may my challenges bring me growth,

And may my growth push me to new heights,

Where new rivals await.

May life see me rich in good and poor in evil,

Wealthy in family and friends and love.

May I turn away from greed and ignorance and the other sins of lesser men,

And be sated instead with humility, generosity and compassion.

May my heart remain young while my soul grows old.

May I dream

And may I pursue the dream even when my legs cannot continue the chase.

May I always seek adventure,

May I never shy away from exploration,

May I be bold in the face of doom,

And may I one day grasp the stars I reach for.

May I stand tall against the onslaught that is woe,

Against fear, against anger, against misery,

May I be happy,

May I find peace.