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The battle done,
The long war won,
The people united,
Finally one.

The king surveyed his reclaimed land
And smiled through iron and salt.

He removed his battered armor
And sat again on his throne,
Eager to rule.



road-not-taken2I was a traveler at the beginning of a great journey
And to my sides appeared a god and a devil.

The god told me that I would find many crossroads
And be forced to decide among many paths.
He told me that only the one he pointed out was correct.
The others would lead to my damnation.
The devil rebuked him and instead asked me to choose.
He said that my destination and the path I followed were free from judgement.

The god asked me to pay him tribute and do his works and spread his words as I wandered.
He promised that he would shelter me from the wilds, tend my fires as I slept and save me from marauders
And that I would be rewarded handsomely at journey’s end.
The devil promised that I could be wealthy and powerful and free from danger as I went from place to place and path to path,
If I pledged to be his thrall when I could travel no more.
He offered nothing for my service now,
He only told me to go and live.

The god told me that I would find many treasures.
He told me of wonders which filled me with desire.
But he warned me that they would corrupt me with madness and sin.
He said they would destroy me. He said they were forbidden.
Again the devil rebuked him.
He told me that should I find something I wanted then it was my right to take it,
By whatever means necessary.

The god told me I was being tricked.
The devil told me I was being weak.
And in my heart I knew that though both spoke truth in one ear
The other was hearing only lies.